Best Affordable Physical Therapy Tools For Home

Keeping up with your activity routine during and after physical therapy is an important component of achieving success. When you're at home, on the other hand, you may not have access to the specific equipment they have at a physical therapy facility!

You don't need to fret! There are easy ways to access the tools you need to stay physically healthy and free of injuries. Whether you're planning to create a home gym or just have a few pieces of fitness equipment on hand when the mood strikes, this article offers some of the most popular physical therapy equipment for home.

Add these versatile physical therapy tools to your home collection to ensure that you can continue to be active after your rehabilitation!

Foam rollers 
Not only is foam rolling an excellent (and affordable) way to give yourself a massage, but it can also help improve your range of motion. This treatment uses your own body weight to apply pressure and slowly roll over an area until the tissue is mobilized. The terms trigger point release and self-myofascial release are also used. There are many uses for foam rollers, including self-massage, joint mobility exercises, and props for stability exercises such as during Pilates.

If you’re still stuck on which foam roller to buy, check out The Original Body Roller - High Density Foam Roller Massager.

Shoulder Pulley
The RangeMaster Molded Rubber Handle Shoulder Pulley is an excellent tool to improve shoulder range of motion and strength. This pulley system comes with a molded rubber handle, adjustable cord, and door attachment. It is easy to use and can be incorporated into any rehabilitation program.

Do you have a difficult-to-reach trigger area?

The Theracane can assist you in working out those tense muscles for some fast pain relief. Its unusual candy cane-like design allows you to access hard-to-reach places like the neck and back. The Theracane may also reach into tight spots that a foam roller cannot reach.

Exercise mat
The best physical therapy exercise mats make it easy to do a wide variety of workouts. It might be difficult to find space to exercise at home in order to achieve your normal routine. Many individuals believe the bed is an acceptable alternative, but the floor is a superior alternative for a variety of activities. Having a padded exercise mat will allow you to do your exercises on a solid surface, making them more comfortable and effective.

Stretch strap
If you aren't very flexible, it can be tough to do stretches. Stretching is important, but overdoing it can actually lead to injury. A stretch strap can aid you in extending your reach while keeping your posture correct.

The RangeMaster Stretch Strap has quickly become a favorite among its many users because of how versatile it is. Not only does it serve as a practical tool during your yoga practice, but it also helps you to go deeper into each pose without sacrificing alignment.

Resistance bands
Exercise bands are regularly used in physical therapy clinics. They're also perfect for small living spaces and can help build strength. All workouts can be adjusted to use resistance bands.

The RangeMaster FitRanger Resistance makes it simple to do activities like lateral walks and clamshells.

Exercise ball
The exercise ball is often used as a versatile piece of equipment for people looking to strengthen their entire body. Additionally, it can also be helpful for those hoping to improve their flexibility or range of motion. But there are so many different sizes of exercise balls on the market; which one is ideal for me? There's nothing to be concerned about.

The diameter of an exercise ball should be proporational to your height. For example, those approximately 5'7" to 6'1" should use a 65cm exercise ball. Make sure to double-check the dimensions for the brand you want to buy, as they might be different from what you're expecting.

Mini stability ball
This is a small, flexible exercise ball that's ideal for strengthening your core and stability muscles. Abdominal exercises are more comfortable when this is placed under the upper spine. A TheraBand Mini Ball can add an extra challenge to many exercises, making them more difficult and therefore more effective.

Muscle scraping tools
Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Even though your physical therapist uses a butter knife on you, this sort of soft tissue treatment may give excellent outcomes. The Stainless Steel Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool can give you some well-earned relief from the comfort of your home. The Stainless Steel Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool is inspired by gua sha, a traditional Chinese healing method that improves circulation.

Ice pack/heat pack
The large ice and heat packs you get from your physical therapist are amazing, right? When you're looking for the absolute best, don't skimp and choose a cheap knock-off from the grocery store. Instead, go for the real deal with our full-size clinic version.

I love the RangeMaster Shoulder Hot/Cold Compression Wrap because it comes in several sizes and because you can store it in the freezer without worrying about the gel becoming too stiff. At the clinic, hot packs are stored in a very hot water bath, which is why lots of towels always accompany them.

Balance pad
Doing balance exercises is a key part of staying healthy. Balance can enhance reaction time and agility while reducing the chance of injury. Balance pads can help you add challenge to many exercises, making them a great addition to any home gym. The soft, squishy quality of their surface makes them perfect for cushioning your knees while performing kneeling exercises or yoga.

Massage balls
The massage ball is similar to a foam roller in that it can be used for soft tissue mobility and painful trigger point relaxation. However, their smaller shape allows them to get deeper into your tissues and reach harder-to-reach areas like the small muscles. They come in a variety of densities and textures to suit your preference.

Massage roller
The handheld massage roller, which was formerly popular with runners and athletes, allows you to treat your legs' soft tissue. This, in contrast to foam rolling, is a great method for getting into smaller regions or doing soft tissue treatment on the lower legs.

The Verdict

"These PT-approved products will let you keep a full arsenal of physical therapy equipment at home, without spending too much money. Finally, if you keep up with your workouts, you're less likely to have the same problem return in the future - saving both time and money over."